Vein Treatment Options


No major incisions.
No hospitalization.


Outpatient treatment sessions usually take less than an hour.
Patients may experience minor discomfort and pain.
Most patients are back on their feet the same day.


Sclerotherapy for smaller, surface veins. Endovenous laser ablation treatment for larger, deeper veins. Or a combination for customized treatment.

The specifics of spider veins or varicose veins treatment differs according to the size of the diseased veins, but our vein specialist work directly with each patient to design a customized plan to get people back on their feet sooner.


Treatment Type

Number Sessions

Procedure Time

Recovery Time

Covered by Insurance?

Varicose Veins

Corrective; treat the root cause and relieve symptoms 

Usually endovenous laser ablation treatment (aka EVLA), USGS or AP to close large veins with damaged valves 

Varies according to patient condition 

Usually an hour

Often only a few hours with minor discomfort 

Almost Always

Spider Veins

Eliminating unsightly veins; may also treat root cause to help prevent future symptoms 

Usually sclerotherapy to seal off feeder veins with damaged valves 

Varies according to patient condition 

Usually 30 minutes

Patients usually able to resume normal activities almost right away 


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